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Amanda Hocking and Self-Publishing


I’ve been reading a lot about Amanda Hocking lately. In case you don’t know her, you can read this article. She’s being heralded as a woman who may be a game changer in the publishing industry. She’s an inspiration to all writers, since she is living proof that one doesn’t have to go the traditional publishing route to make a living.

However, I do admit some hesitancy when approaching just how revolutionary she is. I fear that too many writers are going to try to adopt her model and sort of flood the indie market with sub-par books. This could be a raw deal for those writers who have worked hard at it there whole life, but still haven’t been lucky enough to break into the market. However, my theory is that, for those choosing the self-publishing and ebook route, the best will rise to the top while the rest will fade to the bottom. The hard part, I think, is finding readers willing enough to read a book from an author they’ve never heard of before.

As for me, my dream is to be published the traditional way, but I’m open to self-publishing. I’ve heard how hard it can be to find a literary agent and then to find a publisher willing to take a risk on a new writer. So there might be some merit to self-publishing one’s earlier work to sort of get a base audience. Perhaps I will try it. But don’t be mistaken. If I go the ebook/self-publishing route, I will spend a lot of time polishing my writing and my story. I’d even like to hire a freelance editor to check it over. No sense in putting out a book chalk full of easily fixable errors.

And to you, Amanda: Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.


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2 thoughts on “Amanda Hocking and Self-Publishing

  1. I’m fascinated by how the market is changing. I think that there are plenty of sub-par books published through traditional means, too, and that success in this business is a mix of talent, ingenuity, connections, and moxie. It’s nice to see that third factor weigh less than the others once in awhile!

  2. I read a really interesting article on the self-publishing bubble. Here it is. I’m really interested to see where publishing will be in the next 10 years.

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