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From the Journal of Tegan Chase – 30 October, 1927, PART 1

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After waking up yesterday and eating the rest of the yucca and rice, I trekked further up the mountain. About two hours into my journey I found a dead and mutilated animal that I believe was an alpaca. It had been dismembered and the meat stripped from the bone. It’s head had been severed, but was nowhere in sight. So I continued with my senses on full alert. A number of times an animal moved and I drew my blade and my body tensed, listening. But nothing was there.

As the sun fell and the sky turned orange, I smelled a foul aroma, like that of rotting flesh and the sourness of urine. I listened, but could discern nothing. I proceeded, following the smell until I came to a cave. The sun was nearly below the horizon and I dared not face the creature at night. I could choose to face whatever was in that cave now, with what little light remained, or make camp and wait until morning. But my choice was made for me.

From inside the cave I heard the scream of girl. It was high pitched and so loud, I could hear echoing in my ear drum. Then came a roar — a deep gluttonous, roar — that was so deafening, the earth shook and to my left I heard the clatter of rocks as they fell from a precipice. The girl again let terror erupt from her lips. I acted as fast as I could. From my bag I pulled a torch and lit it with my blade and flint, I then approached the dark cavern. The girl was no longer screaming. There was the type of silence that comes only seconds before death. My foot entered the lip of the cave, and the quiet was broken by the girl’s sobbing. I took a breath and entered the cave. Before I could react, I felt a presence to my left, in the shadows…


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