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Sexy, Not Smutty


One of the challenges of writing a novel that prominently features sexual tension and romance is actually being able to build up that tension without sounding like some poorly acted porno. (And on a side not, I’ve seen enough porn to know what NOT to do.) Previously, my prose has shied away from more explicitly written love scenes, opting instead for something a bit more poetic, that fades out before anything too R rated occurs.

That’s not my goal with my current novel. I want this one to be sexy, a bit lusty and provocative, but definitely not smutty. The picture above is actually a perfect example of what I want to accomplish. You can see the girl is wearing no pants and straddles the man while their tongues touch in the heat of passionate kiss. It shows little and, in so doing, reveals quite a lot.

I’ll be working on some provocative scenes in the coming days as a way to practice. I’ll be posting a few of them in the hope that I can get some feedback. And of course, this also means that I’ll have to do some research. Looks like I’ll be going to the bookstore to pick up some things. I’d love it if anyone had any recommendations. I’m also going to watch something from this list of sexy movie scenes. I’m thinking Unfaithful…and maybe a few…lesser mainstream films as well.


Author: Dallas Kelly

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2 thoughts on “Sexy, Not Smutty

  1. If images can offer you inspiration, I would suggest a book called Jazz Age Beauties: The Lost Collection of Zeigfeld has some lovely classical photography including some stunning erotic work that I find sexy and not smutty. The Blue Lagoon is also a classic in the tender romantic genre that might interest you. I await your new posts! You must share where you find your inspiration, if you have the time, so that I may do likewise!


  2. Awesome! Those books sound perfect. I’ll check them out. And I’ll be posting my first attempts of some sexy scenes soon!

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