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Reading While Writing


I’m a big fan of paranormal thrillers, but since I’m actually writing one right now, I have no interest in reading them. Instead, I’m focusing a lot of time on reading online publications and previously read novels. It made me wonder. Do others tend to not read the genre they’re currently writing in? But if you do read the same genre, do you find it influences your story?

The reason I don’t is because I’m trying to be as original as possible. This is not to say, for example, that those who are reading and writing paranormal thrillers simultaneously are copying each other. But personally, I tend to take on the voice of the writer I’m currently reading and right now, I’m trying not to do that.

So, do you read the same genre in which you write? If no, why not? If yes, do you find it influences your writing?



Author: Dallas Kelly

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13 thoughts on “Reading While Writing

  1. I read a lot of different genres all the time, so my writing isn’t overtly influenced by any particular genre. However, I also tend to read in bursts, aka, during school breaks, while I read all the time. So… xD

  2. I’m writing a YA novel so I’m pretty much sticking to them. And it’s first person so I limit myself to that as well. So far it’s working. And I don’t find myself copying the authors’ styles really.

  3. I almost never read poetry, unless it is by someone I personally know. I do not research or study poetry in any way, and I have no interest in being considered a professional. I express it because the expression fulfills me, and the process allures me. I much prefer to read content outside of the realm I am currently working in, unless it is a documentation of something or a philosophical dissertation, for whatever my thoughts are worth


  4. I find I read less when I’m writing but I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not! After I have read a fair few books I feel inspired to write and find them helpful as a reference – if you know what I mean? Having said that I wouldn’t say they influence my style of writing.

  5. You were right there! The tone of the writer often finds it’s way into my mind somehow. These days I just read generally while being original with my concepts. I’m not yet into stories but I have my eyes there. Good job with your posts!

  6. It depends on what I’m writing. I finished the draft of my murder mystery yesterday (happy dance) and I know I would periodically read murder mysteries for inspiration while I was writing it, especially if I was at a tricky spot and needed to extricate my characters with some level of grace. But I know exactly that feeling. There was a time when I didn’t DARE read in the genre in which I was writing for exactly that reason, and it still happens when I’m doing anything fantasy. Genre authors tend to demonstrate such distinctive voices that it can be really hard not to emulate them once I get their sound in my head!

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