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Kreativ Blogger and One Lovely Blog Awards

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When I began this blog three weeks ago, I never dreamed I’d gain as many followers as I have, let alone be given the Kreativ Blogger and One Lovely Blog awards. At first, I was a little unclear at what that exactly meant, but it seems that bloggers simply pick out other bloggers that they enjoy. And Emma McCarthy was kind enough to think that I deserve one! Thanks so much Emma, it really means a lot!

Don’t forget to click on Emma‘s name and check out her blog. She’s got a lot of great fiction pieces and can really pour herself onto the page.

So now I believe I’m supposed to pass the award onto six other bloggers that I enjoy. So they are as follows (in no particular order):

Wide Awake but Dreaming

Jester Queen


Drew St.Claire’s Blog

Madison Woods

Nick Rolynd

Thanks again to Emma McCarthy and congrats to those I nominated! Thanks for producing great content! And don’t forget to check out their blogs!


Author: Dallas Kelly

I love telling stories and interacting with new people.

One thought on “Kreativ Blogger and One Lovely Blog Awards

  1. Congratulations! I’ll sure check out your selections and Emma’s blog too.

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