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My First Novella Coming Soon to the Amazon Bookstore

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It’s after midnight and I’m drinking coffee because why not? I’m not a great sleeper and tend to spend my nights a few hours sleeping and a few hours wasting away on the internet. Oh and writing. I do that too, and in fact have been doing that much more often as of late. I’ve been working on a novella as a way to experiment and better understand my main characters in my upcoming novel.

It’s set in Miami. Swimmers at a beach start to go missing and no bodies are recovered. The authorities think it’s a series of drownings, but my protagonists, Tegan and Mika, know better. They try to discover the source of the crimes and what they find causes them to encounter a force they never have before. How do they defeat something that survives underwater?

So I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve never written a thriller/paranormal/romance story before, but it’s fun and forcing me to delve deeper into my creativity. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of March. I’ll have it edited and have a book cover designed in April, and hopefully by the end of that month or early May you’ll be able to download it from the Amazon bookstore. It will be offered for FREE! So tell your friends!


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