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Changing the Bod

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Most of the time, I’ve been pretty happy with who I am and how I look. However, everyone wants to make some changes (and I’m not talking like Megan-Fox-make-your-face-look-shitty kind of changes). I, for one, would lose a few pounds. Maybe like ten or fifteen. I’m not fat, but I am a bit overweight. I like to think that chub chub is a way for me to identify myself as American.

I’d also make my boobs bigger. Not huge. Just bigger. A little more than a handful. This isn’t something I’ll ever do (even when I do become super famous), but I’d like to look killer in a swimsuit. My friends agree with me, though they are less inclined to go on the internet and state this. I, however, am fucking awesome.

Lastly, I’d remove all the hair I have below my neck. Every last bit of it. Most guys and girls alike that I’ve met agree with this. Hair is such a hassle and it’d be so much easier come swimming season. (As you can tell, the fast approaching summer has been weighing heavily on my mind.) This is something I’d actually consider getting done if I can ever afford the laser treatment. But, being a writer with a useless degree in the middle of a bomb-ass recession, means this isn’t likely. Guess I’ll have to stick with wax.


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