Blue Eyes and White Lies

A writer, lover, thinker, and midwestern, book-loving sexpot.

About Me

Dallas Kelly is my pen name. I want to write as honestly as I can, so a little bit of anonymity helps.

These about sections are always hard to write. I never know what to say about myself, but I suppose if you’re here you’d want to know the basics. I imagine us at a bar. I’m sitting alone and you sit down next to me and order a drink. Both of us have seen better days. I lean over and say hello. We make small talk. Here is what you learn.

  • I’ve a degree in English. I also studied creative writing.
  • I planned to get my Masters and maybe my PhD, but because of the recession, thought better of it and now work for a coffee shop. I enjoy my job and I love coffee, but I wouldn’t mind a larger paycheck.
  • I grew up in the Bible Belt and it definitely had an effect on me.
  • I’m not religious, but I do consider myself spiritual.
  • I’m short. I have green eyes. And I love tattoos and piercings. I currently have three tattoos.
  • My goal in life is to become a novelist. I’m working on a novella that I hope to put up (for free) on Amazon within the next year. It’s about two women who together battle evil.
  • I post some of my creative writing to this blog. I do this to help establish backstory, build characters, and experiment with storytelling. Just a reminder: I  write my fiction in the first person, so be sure to check the category tags to know if what you’re getting is me or one of my characters.
  • Yes, I’d love feedback.
  • No, you can’t have my phone number.

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