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Choosing a Perspective

One of the things I have difficulty deciding on is whether or not to write in first person or third person. I love the first person voice. It can be personal and expressive. A narrator can often take a mundane story and turn it into something special. But it’s not easy to do. Especially if you’re writing a supernatural mystery-thriller-romance like yours truly.

After getting pretty far into my novel, I’ve realized that the first person voice just isn’t going to work. I love it, and I wish I could keep it, but I’ve decided my vision is more important and to fulfill my vision, I simply must write in third person. This will free me up to follow different characters and create a better story. It sucks that I have to rewrite all that I’ve written, but I think it’s worth it. I’m looking at it like a trial run, and now the real race begins.

But what about you, friends and patriots? What perspective do you like to use when writing? How does that affect your work?


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My First Novella Coming Soon to the Amazon Bookstore

It’s after midnight and I’m drinking coffee because why not? I’m not a great sleeper and tend to spend my nights a few hours sleeping and a few hours wasting away on the internet. Oh and writing. I do that too, and in fact have been doing that much more often as of late. I’ve been working on a novella as a way to experiment and better understand my main characters in my upcoming novel.

It’s set in Miami. Swimmers at a beach start to go missing and no bodies are recovered. The authorities think it’s a series of drownings, but my protagonists, Tegan and Mika, know better. They try to discover the source of the crimes and what they find causes them to encounter a force they never have before. How do they defeat something that survives underwater?

So I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve never written a thriller/paranormal/romance story before, but it’s fun and forcing me to delve deeper into my creativity. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of March. I’ll have it edited and have a book cover designed in April, and hopefully by the end of that month or early May you’ll be able to download it from the Amazon bookstore. It will be offered for FREE! So tell your friends!


Reading While Writing

I’m a big fan of paranormal thrillers, but since I’m actually writing one right now, I have no interest in reading them. Instead, I’m focusing a lot of time on reading online publications and previously read novels. It made me wonder. Do others tend to not read the genre they’re currently writing in? But if you do read the same genre, do you find it influences your story?

The reason I don’t is because I’m trying to be as original as possible. This is not to say, for example, that those who are reading and writing paranormal thrillers simultaneously are copying each other. But personally, I tend to take on the voice of the writer I’m currently reading and right now, I’m trying not to do that.

So, do you read the same genre in which you write? If no, why not? If yes, do you find it influences your writing?



Sexy, Not Smutty

One of the challenges of writing a novel that prominently features sexual tension and romance is actually being able to build up that tension without sounding like some poorly acted porno. (And on a side not, I’ve seen enough porn to know what NOT to do.) Previously, my prose has shied away from more explicitly written love scenes, opting instead for something a bit more poetic, that fades out before anything too R rated occurs.

That’s not my goal with my current novel. I want this one to be sexy, a bit lusty and¬†provocative, but definitely not smutty. The picture above is actually a perfect example of what I want to accomplish. You can see the girl is wearing no pants and straddles the man while their tongues touch in the heat of passionate kiss. It shows little and, in so doing, reveals quite a lot.

I’ll be working on some provocative scenes in the coming days as a way to practice. I’ll be posting a few of them in the hope that I can get some feedback. And of course, this also means that I’ll have to do some research. Looks like I’ll be going to the bookstore to pick up some things. I’d love it if anyone had any recommendations. I’m also going to watch something from this list of sexy movie scenes. I’m thinking¬†Unfaithful…and maybe a few…lesser mainstream films as well.


Amanda Hocking and Self-Publishing

I’ve been reading a lot about Amanda Hocking lately. In case you don’t know her, you can read this article. She’s being heralded as a woman who may be a game changer in the publishing industry. She’s an inspiration to all writers, since she is living proof that one doesn’t have to go the traditional publishing route to make a living.

However, I do admit some hesitancy when approaching just how revolutionary she is. I fear that too many writers are going to try to adopt her model and sort of flood the indie market with sub-par books. This could be a raw deal for those writers who have worked hard at it there whole life, but still haven’t been lucky enough to break into the market. However, my theory is that, for those choosing the self-publishing and ebook route, the best will rise to the top while the rest will fade to the bottom. The hard part, I think, is finding readers willing enough to read a book from an author they’ve never heard of before.

As for me, my dream is to be published the traditional way, but I’m open to self-publishing. I’ve heard how hard it can be to find a literary agent and then to find a publisher willing to take a risk on a new writer. So there might be some merit to self-publishing one’s earlier work to sort of get a base audience. Perhaps I will try it. But don’t be mistaken. If I go the ebook/self-publishing route, I will spend a lot of time polishing my writing and my story. I’d even like to hire a freelance editor to check it over. No sense in putting out a book chalk full of easily fixable errors.

And to you, Amanda: Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.