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Choosing a Perspective

One of the things I have difficulty deciding on is whether or not to write in first person or third person. I love the first person voice. It can be personal and expressive. A narrator can often take a mundane story and turn it into something special. But it’s not easy to do. Especially if you’re writing a supernatural mystery-thriller-romance like yours truly.

After getting pretty far into my novel, I’ve realized that the first person voice just isn’t going to work. I love it, and I wish I could keep it, but I’ve decided my vision is more important and to fulfill my vision, I simply must write in third person. This will free me up to follow different characters and create a better story. It sucks that I have to rewrite all that I’ve written, but I think it’s worth it. I’m looking at it like a trial run, and now the real race begins.

But what about you, friends and patriots? What perspective do you like to use when writing? How does that affect your work?



Gaining Exposure

I’m going to be spending a lot of time editing, rewriting, and honing my current novel. I’m going to pay for a good cover design. In short, I’ll be spending a lot of time editing and designing the best book that I can. Since I want exposure, I’ll be releasing it for free, which brings me to my question for any of you out there.

Is it too much for me to ask those who download my novel to give it a review or a recommendation on their blog? My vision is this: If someone downloads it, they give it a short review. It can be good or bad — as long as it’s honest. For those who don’t want to review it, but liked it, perhaps they could recommend it? That would be the only payment I need.

I don’t want to sound selfish, so please let me know if I’m coming off that way. It was just a thought I had, and to me it sounds like a good one.

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Incorporating Unique Mythology

I’ve been working on my novel off and on for the past few months. It’s just about 30,000 words, so the pace has been pretty slow, but I’m trying to spend as much time as I can developing a great story. I can say that it’s a supernatural thriller and it’s rather unique. Sure there are vampires and ghouls like most supernatural thrillers, but I’m trying to go into some new territory and incorporate some mythology that isn’t quite as mainstream. Here is one of my inspirations from Deviant Artist raiu-alive.

I can’t wait to get this book up on the Amazon store, but I’m trying to take my time and deliver something with as much high quality as possible. And good news friends! I’m going to be releasing it for FREE!!

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My First Novella Coming Soon to the Amazon Bookstore

It’s after midnight and I’m drinking coffee because why not? I’m not a great sleeper and tend to spend my nights a few hours sleeping and a few hours wasting away on the internet. Oh and writing. I do that too, and in fact have been doing that much more often as of late. I’ve been working on a novella as a way to experiment and better understand my main characters in my upcoming novel.

It’s set in Miami. Swimmers at a beach start to go missing and no bodies are recovered. The authorities think it’s a series of drownings, but my protagonists, Tegan and Mika, know better. They try to discover the source of the crimes and what they find causes them to encounter a force they never have before. How do they defeat something that survives underwater?

So I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve never written a thriller/paranormal/romance story before, but it’s fun and forcing me to delve deeper into my creativity. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of March. I’ll have it edited and have a book cover designed in April, and hopefully by the end of that month or early May you’ll be able to download it from the Amazon bookstore. It will be offered for FREE! So tell your friends!



In the shadows cast by the streetlamps, Tegan and Damon stood watching.Their prey had been indoors for almost a week.

“This day time thing really isn’t working for me,” she said.

“If I could switch with you, I would. I’ve not seen the sun in nearly two hundred years.”

“You’re not missing much.”

Damon grunted and Tegan yawned. “Tell me again why I can’t bust down his door?”

“Because he knows we’re watching him and he’s smart. Perhaps smarter than you and I.”

“He may never come out.”

“He will eventually.”

Tegan yawned again and sat down on the grass. She stretched out onto her back. She looked up at Damon, but could barely make out his face against the backdrop of the star spattered sky. The breeze came and it chilled Tegan’s skin. She shivered and Damon dropped his coat on top of her. She slipped it over her cold skin.


He nodded. “You should go home and get some rest. I’ll be fine by myself.”

“What if he makes a move after I’m gone?”

“I will summon my coven.”

She stared at him and knew that he wasn’t going to let her stay another night. She was of no use to him this exhausted and she knew it. “Fine. I’ll go home. But after this is over you owe me.”

“Whatever you desire is yours,” Damon said.

“That’s a tall order to fill.”

“I’m up to the challenge.”

Tegan stood and kissed him on the cold cheek. She disappeared around a corner and was gone. He stood there in complete stillness for hours. He did not tire or grow bored, but instead meditated and snacked on the energy of oblivious passersby. By the time the city had finally quieted into slumber, the door of his prey quivered and opened a fraction of an inch.

Damon did not hesitate.


Reading While Writing

I’m a big fan of paranormal thrillers, but since I’m actually writing one right now, I have no interest in reading them. Instead, I’m focusing a lot of time on reading online publications and previously read novels. It made me wonder. Do others tend to not read the genre they’re currently writing in? But if you do read the same genre, do you find it influences your story?

The reason I don’t is because I’m trying to be as original as possible. This is not to say, for example, that those who are reading and writing paranormal thrillers simultaneously are copying each other. But personally, I tend to take on the voice of the writer I’m currently reading and right now, I’m trying not to do that.

So, do you read the same genre in which you write? If no, why not? If yes, do you find it influences your writing?